Thinking About The Trail

This post is inspired by:

“Like a big black cloud coming down, it feels like I blew it
I never said you were messing around, but we could both see through it
Tell the truth, woman, just this time
For both of us”

Happy day from a 25 year old! What a year it’s been for me.

Year number 24 has definitely been the hardest — physically, mentally, and of course emotionally. I have learned so much about myself throughout the year, what I am capable of, and  what I need help with.

Year 24 has taught me most importantly, not to be afraid to ask for help from those who you think will be helpful. This becomes tricky when you don’t know who to trust — despite all your history.

Year 24 has taught me to trust your heart and your soul just a little bit more, even if you don’t know what they’re saying at the time. To somehow trust the feeling. And to follow that feeling no matter what direction it’s pulling you in.

Year 24 has taught me to be a little more patient with myself, and those who I care about. It has been an exhausting year trying to be patient — and also letting things go when patience isn’t enough.

Year 24 has taught me that history is important, whether you’d like to believe it or not. It’s important to remember in bad times, and as much as in bad times.

Year 24 has taught me that the truest of friendships no matter what happen, or who comes in and out, never fail, and never die. 99% of the time, when they warn you of something, 10 years down the road they will be right. Remember that, but don’t let it go to their heads.

And finally,

Year 24 has reminded me that music never fails. No matter what state you are in.


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