Benefit of the Doubt

This post is inspired by:

“If I’m going to be alone, let it be with you”. 

Do you ever hear something so powerful that it just gets you going? It is almost unexplainable. As I’ve said numerous times words are powerful, and can change the world. An example of powerful words that always come to mind is music. Soulful music. Acoustic music.

Have you ever seen This is Us? If not, shut down your laptop, go on demand and watch immediately. IMMEDIATELY. This show is absolutely fantastic in every way possible. I was watching the latest episode which premiered last night, and then watched it again this morning because it was that good. While the episode tugged at my heartstrings, it was the music that blew me away. A blues song at that. Breathtaking. I then went straight into iTunes, downloaded this song, and have been listening to it ever since.

This song is called We Can Always Come Back to This and can be listened here.

Please close your eyes and listen.


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