Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

This post is inspired by:

“The truth is that airports have seen more sincere hugs, smiles, and kisses than wedding halls,”.

Hello world, and greetings from another trip ending. For those who know, I love to travel. Everything about it; going to a new city, meeting new friends, eating new foods, even cab rides, the reason I started this blog many moons ago. For those of you who didn’t know, now you now. Que Biggy here.

Anyway, another trip has gone and went, and of course, I live to tell the tale. One of the more impactful arts of this particular trip was the time that I spent in the airport, and the story that goes along with it. For those of you who know, or who can probably figure out, I hate being late. For anything. So, when my flight was suppose to be heading out of Logan at 10:20AM, I left my house at 7:00, hopped on a train and got to the airport around 8:15. Ever been to Logan airport? It can either be your friend or your enemy. That day, it managed to be both.

I got to Logan, sat right in front of my gate, well at the Legal C Bar right in front of my gate, watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sitting next to a gentleman who was saving a seat with a Patriots helmet signed by the one and only Tom Brady, see photo of helmet below. We got to talking, and then we parted ways, only to find out that the young man 2 seats down was semi-overlistening to our conversation.

Do you believe that some things are just meant to happen? Not fate or anything like that, but in that specific moment, this was suppose to happen to you. This was one of those moments. I was from Boston, he was from Atlanta. For some strange reason, we met, talked, and kept talking. He was scared he was going to miss his flight, so we parted ways, only to first exchange numbers in the rare event that we cross paths again.

I went back to my own thing, unpaused my Tonight Show, when about 15 minutes later I got a text from this man saying his flight got delayed. I responded, but never got a response. Less than five minutes later, there he was sitting down on my left, and then said the following “I guess this is fate that our conversation isn’t over”.  We ended up talking for a few hours to say the least. Eventually all good things must end, and we parted ways.

I couldn’t help by wonder about the millions of people there are in the world, and the thousands we have potential to meet everyday. In order to do that, one must take the leap to attempt to find a common ground, and spark a conversation.

The fact that we have the power to do that is absolutely fascinating, and should be explored more.  Is it just me, or have you met someone in an expected place?


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