Funny The Way It Is

This post is inspired by:

“And it’s been a long December and there’s reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
I can’t remember all the times I tried to tell my myself
To hold on to these moments as they pass”. 

My new favorite thing with a blog post is setting the scene. What made me open my computer and have the urge to write. Last night I was at a friends house and this song came on. Don’t recognize the lyrics? Take a listen here. You’ll get to enjoy the Counting Crows, and of course Courtney Cox mid 90s. Anyway, this song came on, and then Malcolm did an acoustic version of the song, and I fell in love with the song all over again.

The song itself is actually quite sad, but it’s peaceful to listen to. It’s about recognizing changes, believing that changes happen for the better, and finding new possibilities. The song struck a cord with both me and Malcolm, as a lot of changes are happening for the both of us. We got to talking more about this, and it became clear that there is something very rewarding when one person is able to be 100% happy for another person — even though it can be tough because of the feelings these changes produce.

Being able to put aside your issues to prove to the other person that their happiness is important to you, and that even when you make a mistake, you apologize. One should never underestimate the power of an apology. A sincere one.

Malcolm is a great person to for this specific reason — we’ve had a long history, as do most relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic. People argue, say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment, and while you’ve probably read that I love to always mean what I say with no regrets — I’m human and almost make mistakes. I think that being someone’s friend, is not only wishing them well and sticking by them through the ups and downs, but it is also helping them navigate through the changes life brings, and making sure that they succeed in anyway and every way possible.

With that being said, Malcolm and I haven’t always been the best for each other, and haven’t always stayed in touch the way we’ve wanted to. It’s unfortunate that with all the changes, this becomes a realization on both of our parts, and we are now finally spending time together before he moves.

Why does even friendship have to be complicated?


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