There’s One Person Ahead

This post is inspired by:

“Young and stupid, left wide open
Hearts are wasted, lives are broken

Apparently now it’s 1999. Video games, fashion trends, and music are all hitting the clock back, back to, let’s say a simpler time. A time where everyone was wearing overalls, skateboarding became the coolest form of transportation, and everyone was listening to their latest music on an MP3 player. While I was only 7 at the time, I was very up to speed musically, which I will say gave me an advantage, and an edge in terms of my friends. Backstreet Boys was my first concert, but my first Blink 182 concert very shortly after that was my all time favorite. Therefore, to say I was overly ecstatic when they posted there return to the stage first in 2009, and again in 2016, is an understatement.

It should be clear by now how important music is to me, and I will proudly state that Blink 182 helped make that happen for me. When one listens to music, they are either more attracted to the beat of the song, or the lyrics. One without the other makes the song incomplete, yes, but the majority of the time, one stands out more than the other.

In terms of Blink 182 and their music, lyrics have always stood out to me, and the beat is just a bonus. After having been out of the music world for so long as a trio, I was more than eager to find, learn, and listen to the new Blink 182 in their new album California.

Que the old Blink 182 here. And now get ready to hear a new/different nostalgic version of the band. To help us get back into what Blink 182 is, the band threw out their first new single “Bored to Death”. Instantly, if you’re a fan, you are thrown back into it; starting off with a Blink 182 staple: a drum solo from drummer Travis Barker. Following the mini solo, other staples include a catchy chorus and similar guitar rifts, the album is a bit repetitive if you ask me.

Since it’s premiere, Blink 182 has come a long way since it’s first hit album Cheshire Cat and the mediocre songs that came with it, including but not limited to M&M’s. While yes, the band has a had a lot of ups and downs, starts and restarts, it’s hard to say if this comeback with be 100% successful. So far, so good.

  • If you are looking for an Enema of the State vibe, this album will not suffice those needs.


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