This post is inspired by:

” There’s something good coming, for you and me.

There’s something good coming, there has to be “ .

Setting the scene: staring at a blank WordPress canvas, trying to make it the best possible for “all my readers”, all 5 of you, I mean. A few things going through my head today, and I’ve come to talk to you about it. You might have once heard (or in this case, seen) me mention a writing prompt book I purchased: 300 writing prompts. I got this book a while back in hopes of writing more, and in hopes that it will bring me some inspiration for this blog. Sadly, it sat on my shelf for a while, and then I moved it around, and then put it in a drawer. It wasn’t until last week when I pulled it out again after I read something from my photography class. Long story short; I read that in order to fall in love with one form of art,  you must appreciate all forms of artThis really stuck out to me, and made a lot of sense. Therefore, I pulled the book out, and started reading before writing.

The prompts range from focusing on memories, to making wishes for the future, and everything in between. Two prompts stuck out to me that I thought I’d share:

1.) Describe your life now in terms of a traffic sign.

2.) What is the worst emotion a human being can feel?

As I thought about both of these prompts, and my answers for them, I picked another book I own, a book my Dad got me at end of 2014 called Fight On. The book is fantastic, and simplistic.

If you know my writing, you might have seen that I’m a big believer in someone’s words making a significant difference; hence why I love to read, write this blog, keep a journal, and listen to music at every second I can get. It gives me perspective on all things and everything. 

This book has outdone itself. It is plated with a phrase on each page, and a periodic photograph.

Fight On-book-4848-07.jpg

A wonderful read, and a great find. Sometimes people need that.

A quiet reminder to keep fighting on.


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