True Love

This post is inspired by:

“Start by loving the camera, and end by loving the art”

A few days ago I started taking a photography class online. I’ve taken a few photography classes before, and have obviously enjoyed them. There are some things in life you’ll never forget: first time you rode a bike, first love, first kiss, first breakup, first time you drove alone, first date, etc. A memory that will always stick out to me is when I got my first camera, and of course, the person that gave it to me.

My first camera was a silver Polaroid camera that I received for Christmas, when I was probably around 8 or 9. Now that I’m thinking about it however, that doesn’t seem that long ago. Do you ever think about something in regards to how fast time goes, and when you really really think about you, you realize that it’s not that long ago? That’s the feeling I’m experiencing right now. Yes, between then and now, a lot has happened, as that happens with time, but it’s a feeling I’ll never forget. Shortly after I received my Polaroid, I bought my first camera. Another memory I won’t forget. My dad and I were on our way to one of my basketball practices, and I saved enough money (probably somewhere around $50) to buy my first digital camera. A pink Polaroid digital camera. I’ve never been happier. I was so excited and thrilled to show my dad the perks of having my very own camera, and you could tell he understood how important that was to me.

Fast forward through a bitter parental divorce, tough years of middle school, sibling fights, a suspended license, a high school graduation, one family death, 8 years of basketball, and three years of college to today. 15 years later.


People say that you never forget your first love. You never forget the happy times, and the way they made you feel when you were together. When you’re apart, you constantly feel like you should be together, and maybe try again. This is my relationship with photography. Ever since I picked up a camera for the first time 15 years ago, I’ve been in love. But as most relationships go, they end, if even for a little bit. The year was irrelevant, but the feeling clearly was not. I stopped picking up my camera, and let dust cover it. I put it back in my camera bag, and let it sit in my closet; and every once and a while, I would think of picking it up again, and attempt to find that feeling again. The feeling of doing something strictly for me, for my own pleasure and passion of the art.

It’s funny, as I have been going back and forth with the notion of returning to photography for years. Sharing my photos, rehashing my first love. Literally thinking, if it’s meant to be, it’ll work.

So, with this post, here is to destiny, true love, and never giving up on your first love.


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