And then this one time…

This post is inspired by:

“When you know that something’s going to happen, you’ll start trying to see signs of its approach in just about everything. Always try to remember that most of the things that happen in this world aren’t signs. They happen because they happen, and their only real significance lies in normal cause and effect. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you start trying to pry the meaning out of every gust of wind or rain squall. I’m not denying that there might actually be a few signs that you won’t want to miss. Knowing the difference is the tricky part.”

It’s 4:57 AM, and I’m wide awake. Yesterday I started writing again,  you can see that post here. It was just a regular day, but then I got the urge to write, as if for one morsel of a second, the words that I share actually meant something. That someone out in the world would read my words, and their day would become a little bit more manageable. At least I would hope. So then I wrote.

Do you ever get deja vu? The feeling the what you are experiencing has actually happened before. The actual meaning comes from French, with a definition of “already seen”. Something in the air is almost too familiar to you, and a very particular feeling comes over your body that you can’t shake. That’s deja vu.

I was sitting in a coffee shop, writing and editing some of my photographs, when all of the sudden I had a feeling. Do you ever think about something so much over a period of time, and when it finally happens you’re speechless? That said event caught you so off guard, you can’t even speak, even though you’ve thought about said event happening fairly often? That moment when your thoughts and reality come together, and there it is standing right in front of you.

Just a few days ago my friend texted me a picture of something that came up on her Facebook “On this day”, so it gave me the urge to look at mine. Almost exactly two years ago on May 3rd, this happened to me:

IMG_0082 copy.png

Naturally it got me thinking about what I was complaining about, and all of the sudden it was 2014 again. It just so happened that the exact thing I was debating about two years earlier showed up at my apartment today in the flesh. While this wasn’t a bad thing, and actually a pleasant surprise, there it was right in front me. I’ve had deja vu about this moment happening, what I would say, and how I would react. Of course when it actually happened to me I was so caught off guard I just went upstairs. Maybe more on that to follow.

I can’t help but wonder if all of these are signs, which is why I attached the quote above to this particular post. If these are all signs, that someone, or something is telling me that this is important. That maybe today should be the day I take control of the situation, and finally make a decision…

Or if it’s not a sign, and merely a coincidence. I guess one will never really know.


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  1. aceofspades323 · May 13, 2016

    Keep writing!

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