Caution: Gloomy Days Ahead

This post is inspired by:

“Happiness is only real when shared”. 

It’s Wednesday. It’s May. It’s dark and gloomy. What’s new with me; not a whole lot. Just working and taking the occasional photograph. Still listening to songs on repeat, re-reading my favorite books, and attempting to get better at making my bed. The other day I stumbled across this blog, and started from the beginning, reading my own words from almost three years ago. What a ride its’s been. Everything from meeting new people, re-meeting people, ending friendships, ending relationships, believing in oneself a little more each day. While I would like to say that I have most of that figured out by now, as I stumbled across my archive of words, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was in fact growing as a new person. Of course, yes I am. From parents, friends and siblings, yes, I’ve changed a lot over the last three years. Even the last three months. But this isn’t why I decided to write today.

I decided that today I would go and photograph for a little bit today, in hopes of making this gloomy day a little bit brighter. While I was able to take some photographs that I liked, and thought they were worth sharing, it wasn’t until I actually shared them that something magical happened. I sent a few photos that I was proud of to one of my managers who has always appreciated my photographs. It wasn’t until his response that I understood why I continue to photograph and share my work.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation:


I was taken so off guard by this response that today became a little bit more real for me. Has someone ever said something to you in a moment where you are either feeling down, or feeling a little melancholy, and the words they say just fill your heart with joy? It could not have been a more perfect response.



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