This post is inspired by:

Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I fear what’s to happen all happened before”. 

Greetings from my laptop! I’m sprawled out on the floor editing some photographs when I decided to take a break and do some writing, obviously having music playing in the background. What’s new in my musical world? Andrew McMahon.

Well, 2015 is over. And unlike last year, 2015 has brought me some good things. My freedom, and the ability and confidence that I am able to be on my own. Kudos to 2015.


I was cleaning my room the other day, something I will attempt to keep up with in 2016, but never the less, cleaning. I got to cleaning my side table, where I keep all important things I don’t want to lose or forget about. Within this side table there are old birthday cards, letters, pictures, concert tickets, the movie About Time, and of course Reflection for The Day cutouts from The Boston Globe. It got me thinking of the things that I chose to save verses things that I determined weren’t that important to me. How do I know that a specific letter, card, picture, movie is going to be significant to me years later? That if tangible things and moments really shape who we become and help us decipher what’s important in life. It almost makes me question why hold on to all of these things, rehash old feelings when it isn’t really necessary.

What do you think? Do you hold onto sentimental things? And if so, how do you know it’s going to hold the same level of importance as it once did?


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