Well, now you know

This post is inspired by:

“But I’ll be stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK”.

Hi friends, and welcome to my 70th blog post! To think about where I was 70 posts ago — hmm let’s see: I was coming back from my life from Spain, a little road trip with my friend, an epic NYE celebration where I met someone who later became my best friend and a crucial person to who I am today — let’s call him Alex, still jamming out to European dance music, changing my major, failing biology, getting unbelievably drunk on the weekends (cue story about running into telephone pole here) and of course having no job, or money.

To say a lot has changed since then is quite the understatement.

To where I am today: If you follow my blog, or have read my recent posts you can see that I’m much different from the girl that created this blog two years ago. I’m no longer in a European lifestyle, no longer failing biology, no longer out of money, no longer jobless, no longer living at home, no longer running into telephone poles. I’m now a morning person — an actual shock to me, and leave my phone ringer on at night, all night — another shocker. Still the same best friends, but a lot less time to see them. Mini coffee and dinner dates will have to do for now.

To how things haven’t changed that much and what has stayed the same: Well, first off — Footloose is still high on my list for one of my favorite songs, even though Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight will NEVER get bumped from my number one. I still hate when people change songs sporadically, but that ALWAYS leaves the exception of when Alex does it, because he just makes me laugh. I still have the most random songs on my Pandora, and I will forever HATE when Bowling for Soup comes up on my Jessie’s Girl radio — that I will never understand. I still love power-hours, case races, and playing card games. I still think swearing is tacky because there are so many words in the English dictionary, I’m sure you can think of a different word to use. I’m still a night owl, read the travel section of the paper on Sundays, over think things way too much, secretively like 3AM phone calls, keep up with national and local news, still wait until the last minute to do my taxes, and am still in love with Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

Now, on to what I actually wanted to share with all of you..

Today I was reading Psychology Today, an article about tips learned from the past years of the New England Patriots — a very interesting read, which can be found here when I took a look at my sidebar to see the most popular topics and articles that have been viewed. Take a look.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 12.45.08 AM

That’s it.


One comment

  1. Oscar Relentos · April 23, 2015

    I like the keep goals in the forefront point, it grants focus. Love that quote of Nietzsche at the top of this blog too btw

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