Juno Juno Juno

This post is inspired by:

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood”.

Greetings from a fort! No, not a snow fort, a blanket, pillow, bed fort. I can only hope that Juno (if you are in the area of New England that is getting hit) is treating you well, and you are home, safe and warm with people you love — or at least like.

I have written about snow and blizzards before as seen in this post almost exactly two years ago. There are a few differences between this post I’m writing, and one I wrote two years ago. One: the location of my typing. Two years ago I was in a dorm room alone, this year I’m in a fort surrounded by 4 of my close friends. Two years ago, I was eating ice cream and goldfish (not together because that’s gross), and today I was baking a pie, learning (and succeeding) to be a traditional housewife. What hasn’t changed in my hatred for snow, that I think will always stick around for many years to come.

One thing I always liked doing as a kid was drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall. Well, 15 years later, things aren’t much different — only now my friends are joining in with me.


Last night as I was planning my outing to a friends house, I was looking at the snow fall, and what a beautiful thing it is. This feeling of seeing something as beautiful as this came in and out of my mind throughout the night, as we drank all night. Literally, all night, only to go out and shovel at 6 AM to “get ahead of the game”.

I finally fell asleep in the fort, woke up hours later, shoveled more, baked a pie, danced around the kitchen, and now here I am writing.

Snow days are funny, and always have something intriguing about them. Throughout the months of March and November when I think about snow days, or being inside during a storm, I always thought of being in my nice, warm comfy bed, with some candles lit, and lounging around with someone I love. As November comes, and the snow begins to fall, I still imagine this happening, just not quite yet.

The last 24 hours has been pretty close to what I’ve always wanted. Because I’m not romantically involved with any of these particular people, that’s the only thing that’s missing. But, overall, a pretty perfect snow day.


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