This post is inspired by:

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

These kids definitely think for themselves.. with a little help from society of course! I came across this article from Buzzfeed about children. We all know that children ultimately rule the world, and they are A LOT smarter than we give them credit. This Buzzfeed post gave a limited amount credit, and below are my favorites from this post. Enjoy!

1.) enhanced-6595-1421256474-15

Why I picked this: who wouldn’t want to stay young for a long time?

2.) enhanced-29053-1421258111-2

Why I picked this: This young boy (or girl) knows how to win someone over!

3.) enhanced-buzz-29404-1382016346-19

Why I chose this: After picking up Grandma, all this kid wants to do is be cool, and who could blame him?

4.) enhanced-7406-1421256317-6


Why I chose this: Rachel is setting standards for young boys everywhere, go her!

My personal favorite…


Maybe one day Justin Bieber will just go away young person, maybe one day.


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