Liverpool Circa 2012

This post inspired by:

“We travel some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls”.

Important information: This post was taken directly from my diary of my travels in Europe, more specifically my travels to Liverpool over Halloween of 2012. Enjoy!

So this past weekend I went to visit Mia (a friend from school) who was in London. My flight was on Tuesday and I flew into Liverpool England, AKA NOT LONDON. When I arrived in Liverpool around 6PM, I didn’t realize that I had to catch a train from Liverpool to London. I converted 100 USD to the pound a received 54 pounds, a complete rip-off. When I asked the information desk how much the ticker was to London, she said it was 74 pounds roundtrip, which I didn’t have. Without realizing where I was in relation to London, I asked a cab driver to take me to London– LOL. He simply replied, do you have 500 pounds? I was practically dying of embarrassment. I then went to a hotel to ask where I could exchange money at 7:35, and they told me that the closest place is 15 minute walk and closes at 8. Naturally in my cast, alone and with my bags, I started freaking out, but I made it to the place, exchanged my money, paid the 74 pounds and got on my 3 hour train ride to London. That was day 1. 

Then I went to London where I met someone who reminded me very much of Gordon Gecko.. that professional. I then ran into him again at a McDonalds where I ate 25 McNuggets all by myself.. gross I know. I was pretty drunk and pretty hungry.

On the way back to Barcelona, I stopped in Liverpool again for the night. Why? I got into Liverpool Saturday night because my flight was Sunday at 1PM and I didn’t want to wake up at 6 to take my 3 hour train and then go straight to the airport.. not fun, so I decided to go early and get a hotel. A pretty good plan, I thought. When I went to get a hotel, 3 places told me that everything was sold out due to a futbol game that was there.. therefore I had nowhere to stay. I then went to a pub with wifi (where I texted friends from home) to try to figure out what to do. This woman bartender felt so bad for me she gave me a free beer and then said that if I still didn’t have a place to stay by last call (midnight) I could stay with her. I decided I would hangout at the pub until then and then decide whether to go with her or go to the airport all night.. ick. 
I was sitting at a table alone and these two guys (who were 30) sat down at the same table with me, but we weren’t talking.. yet. I then asked if they could watch my stuff quickly so I could go to the bathroom. When I got up, my leg (actually my cast) hit the table and spilt one of their beers! I felt awful, so when I got back from the bathroom I apologized again and then we started talking. One of the guys, Ollie asked me if I wanted another beer (I forget the name, some Polish beer) and I said, how did you know I was drinking that? They (Ollie and Stu) said “oh we were here like 2 hours ago and saw you drinking it, and then you got another one, so I figure you like it.” Therefore we started drinking more and got to talking and I told them all about my crazy trip and how I’m poor and practically homeless for the night. Last call rang and Ollie then was like well we are going to another pub if you want to join us.. so I figured, either go with these two guys I’ve talked to for a few hours, go with a random bartender, or go to the sketchy airport alone at midnight. So I went with them. We ended up going to another pub and karaoked (LOL) Sweet Caroline.. a classic Boston song and got more drinks. THEN. Ollie was like okay well you can come with us if you want, but we’re like going to a strip club………. but we don’t want to pressure you into coming with us.  I really didn’t want to be in a random town alone at night. SO I went with them LOL again. It was at this British strip club that my jacket got stolen only because I thought I was going to get sick (I didn’t) so I went outside and Ollie came outside to make sure I was okay. We were about to leave, but I needed my jacket first. So we went back inside and it was just gone! Thank god that it was just my jacket, we put our bags behind the bar so they were safe, but still I was freezing. Then it started raining…. and me without a jacket, and a non-waterproof cast. Ollie was then like okay (it was probably 4AM or so) we’re not going to let you go to the airport alone, cold, wet and drunk so if you want you can stay with us in our hotel (they’re from London originally). THEREFORE, that is how I spent my night. I woke up at like 7 left the hotel and hung out at the airport from 8 to 1, and made it back to Barcelona safely. GOOD TIMES.

After rereading this story of this one particular night in Liverpool, it has made me realized how far I’ve come from this night. Things that happened during this night, and many nights in Europe, I would never let happen, or even close to happening here in the States. I was a completely different person, and grew from each experience. I can’t help but wonder what my friends Ollie and Stu are up to now..


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