Haircuts and Cigars

This post is inspired by:

“He promised me earrings, but only pierced my ears”. 

It’s now 11:01 on a Wednesday. Quite a bit has happened since my last post, I’ll get into it here and there. Briefly, a new job, new apartment, new friends. All good things, as well as some mediocre things. Right now, I’m currently listening to a song on repeat, one of my favorite activities, looking through a box of things I’ve saved throughout the years. It’s crazy to me how memories sometimes flood your mind, and most of the time, they are the little things. More frequently, I’ve had mini flashbacks of things people have randomly said to me over the years, mostly of things that we said we did, but never did. That is where this proverb comes into play.

Yes, looking back on some things, it’s easy to get swept up in a moment, when you’re excited, in love, have an ambition of wanting to do and conquer everything — yet there are so many things that are left undone, forgotten about, and strictly unfinished.. until you are thinking about these moments at 11:08 on a Wednesday with your favorite song on repeat.

One of my favorite things about this proverb is that it really makes me think, and not about first loves, last loves, or future dreams, but about the promises that come with any relationship. For example, in this proverb, a woman was promised that her man would get her earrings, instead he only provided the hole for the earring — therefore leaving her earring-less. Who’s to say that this woman couldn’t get earrings herself? Well she could, but it wouldn’t be as gratifying I presume. It’s pretty nice when people follow through with what they say. But more importantly, it’s nice getting earrings.

Following through and sticking to your word can be complex, especially to a person like me. I have been told repeatedly (by many) that I need to stop overthinking, simply stay in the moment, let the future pan itself out, and simply relax. For years, I’ve heard every imaginable way of hearing those phrases — and while I’ve tried to not overthink, and let things go a little more freely, it’s easier said than done.

People are molded a certain way through certain experiences throughout their lifetime that help shape who they are, this we know. It is said psychologically that adolescents and on can be afraid of something simply because of a bad memory, or experience that they don’t necessarily even remember. I think that is something people forget, there’s always a reason, and 99% of the time it’s always validated.

Relationships are complicated enough, yes. A good friend (drunkly) once said these two quotes at two completely different times in my life:

In 2010 he said: “Sometimes, the pot doesn’t need to be stirred” and in 2014 he said: “Drink a shandy and be merry”.  In 2013 he promised me we’d go camping.. but that’s a different story for another time. As I sit here now at 11:25 typing and thinking of those nights, I can’t help but wonder why these quotes stick out to me. Well, one thought is that I seriously need to relax, yes. By why specifically, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. The camping one I’ll be able to tell you — it’s one of the reasons my friends are awesome. It’s funny that way.

Off to find those earrings..


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