Holiday Jumping

This post is inspired by:

“On the unlucky side of a stab in the dark, I took it in silence, I took it to heart”.

Well, it’s finally here. I’ve been talking about Christmas for the last (almost) month because I couldn’t believe that it was coming, and now I can’t believe it’s here! It truly is amazing how fast time goes by.

A brief history about past Christmases: I was the kid that would wake up at the crack of dawn, go downstairs and wait for everyone else to wake up so we could open presents. I was so eager to see what Santa had brought me, that I would physically separate the presents, and neatly divide them into groups (for my sisters). It was strange, but, I would like to say that it made things go a lot more smoothly than it is now. More specifically this year, I guess you can classify me as a grinch. Physically I’m not green, so don’t freak out about that.. more mentally. I’m still thinking that Christmas isn’t tomorrow; aka I have wrapped any of my presents. Talk about serious procrastination problems.

Anyway, Christmas will come and go, as tomorrow it ends (hopefully for most) the stressful part of the holidays. We all know what that is like. Families come together from near and far, re-connect, bring up some old memories and create new ones. If you are anything like me, this holiday season in general creates a little anxiety, as relatives (who you may have not seen in a long time) try to re-connect and have you sum up your entire year, simply by asking the question: “how have you been?” Talk about some serious stress.

This evening — after all the nonsense of “how have I been”, I got asked about my plans for New Years Eve, the next biggest holiday, and probably the most fun. I very calmly replied, no plans, and then began to think about NYE. In the past, I’ve done everything from concerts, to going away for a few days, to sleeping on my couch after binge watching TV. So, at this point, I guess anything will do. But, what really got me thinking was what came next: what are my resolutions?

Resolutions are a funny thing. A resolution is defined as: a formal decision to do, or not do something. Pretty basic.

While I think of my resolutions to share with all of you, I will leave you with this:

Take the time to watch It’s A Wonderful Life, and attempt to lasso the moon.

Happy Holidays from me to you.


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