A World Away

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“Life can only be understood backwards”

So, it’s almost vacation time — for most college students. Hooray! Last night I was surfing the internet like I always do, when I came across an article shared by a friend on Facebook. The article sent me to Buzzfeed, where I watched a remarkable video from a teacher who asked his students to write letters to their future selves, and then mailed the letters almost 20 years later. The video (which is worth the watch) can be seen here.

What caught my attention was the amount of emotion that was brought to these students, who were now in their adulthood. As one student recalls, “it was like receiving a gift from someone you knew many years ago”. It made me think how dreams, wishes and expectations change as we get older, or how they stay the same. Are people that were mentioned in these letters still relevant to these former students, or are they now just a memory?

At the end of the video, there is a link where you can send a future email to yourself, and you can send it for any time in the future. While this is not exactly the same, it’s much easier now to email than write a letter. No matter what you think about how times have changed, this is important to recognize.

So, I decided to try it. I sent an extensive, private email to my future self, that will be sent to me in 2016. I was able to talk about life now, people who are important to me, those whom I love, hoping that I remain in touch with them no matter where life takes me.

It’s an interesting concept, and who knows, maybe I’ll be recalling this letter two years from now.

Interested in writing your own future letter? Click here.


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