Belle of The Ball

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“Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath”!

No matter what social media you got teased by, nothing could compare to last nights annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. All the teases were well justified. This show was fantastic, and with many changes from last year’s show, men, women, mothers, fathers, and grandparents alike, I think, can agree that Victoria’s Secret raised the bar this year.

In previous years the show was in New York, this year was something different — VS touched down in Londontown. I would’ve liked to see Taylor Swift in that awful outfit she wore last year, but she outdid herself, so that’s okay.

Cue the runway as the first scene started. Gilden Angels. The angels sported gold, and lots of it. Sparkly corsets, tasteful gold wings, the girls looked like Greek Goddess’. Sheer perfection — especially to someone who loves gold.


When you thought things couldn’t get any better, she appeared. Taylor Swift singing her heart out while the angels moved into the Dream Girl scene. Personally, not impressed with what the angels were wearing down the runway throughout this scene. The angels strutted down wearing a classic “babydoll” look, which included black, white and pink. Men everywhere had their fantasies of what a slumber party should (and perhaps does) look like. Everything covered in feathers, hot girls in lingerie with Taylor Swift singing in the background. The performance was spectacular, and the fact that she performed in lingerie, she could be a VS angel after her career dies down.


Next, the PINK line and Ariana Grande. The music was good, but Ariana is like 12, so that is weird to me. Also male dancers. No. Moving on..

My favorite was next; Exotic Traveler/Fairy Tale. Yes two segments, one paragraph. This is where the artwork, design and creation of the fashion show really shown through. All the hard work of the past year was shown through the wings, and handmade accessories the angels wore. And no, I did not forget about the fantasy bra. This is an ritual for the VS fashion show, only this year there were two. And they were spectacular, and pricey. Each of the bras were 2 million dollars. That’s right. So, I better start saving my pennies.

Cue the drool for Adriana Lima.

V434080                              rs_560x415-141103103648-1024.victorias-secret-fantasy-bra-adriana-alessandra

Last, but not least, the angel ball. The angels finished the show attacking the runway in seductive black, and white lingerie. Flawless. They also added Taylor Swift one more time, just to make men and women drool everywhere. Because, let’s be real: men want to sleep with her, and women want to be her (or sleep with her depending on one’s preference).


Overall, I am counting down the days until next years angels walk down the runway, because last night was quite a performance.


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