Because Lists Are Important…

This post is inspired by:

“People now feel time accelerating.

Lists allow them to feel some sense of accomplishment”.

So, yesterday I found my phone after hours of searching. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to read my last post, and the post before that. Or, just know that I lost my phone, but then I found it. The choice is yours.

 Lists. We’ve all got them, to some degree. Lists of what we “need to do”, lists of things we want to do, lists. Grocery lists, homework lists, summer reading lists, bucket lists. Lists are something that you learn as a child — to keep track of all that you have to do, and to remember what you have accomplished. We all know that feeling of having a list on a piece of notebook paper, putting the pen to the paper, and striking a line through the words. Marking a triumph before you move onto the next.

Bucket Lists, to me, are is the best kind of list. This list gives you the freedom to pick and choose what you want to accomplish throughout your lifetime, as you conquer life and strive to cross events off your list.

My list I created in 2010, summer going into senior year of high school. This was an exciting time for me. I remember when I made my list, I was watching A Walk to Remember, a classic girl movie — cue Shane West, and all of his loveliness. There is a line in the movie when he asks Mandy Moore what her number one is on her list. It got me thinking, what’s my number one? I began to think, and write, thus my list was created. I add to it occasionally, forget about it, and look at it. My list is two pages, some are big things, some are little things.

A glimpse into my list

* Travel to all 50 states

* Kiss in the rain

* Actually sit through the Star-Wars movies

* Win a karaoke contest

* Own an expensive piece of art

* Take a last minute flight

So, I must ask: do you have a bucket list?


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