Midnight Life

This post is inspired by:

“I woke up this morning on the floor, in my apartment, curled up with my guitar case”

Oh my Saturday! I am taking a step back today, becoming a little less philosophical, and a little more human. This is a story about my friends, myself, and the shenanigans we get into. It all started when my friend asked me if I wanted to go dancing. To be clear, I don’t dance, I don’t like to dance, and he very well knows this. BUT since I’m a new kick — I decided to go. Well, it was a surprise indeed. We didn’t go dancing, and instead he got tickets to go to last night’s Celtics/Lakers game.

This was an exciting moment for me — free tickets with my three friends, my first (hopefully of many) Celtics game this season, and my first EVER Celtics/Lakers game. Needless to say I was a happy girl. Nothing is better than bleacher seats at the Garden. Despite the rumors that the rivalry is less intense, you wouldn’t have been able to tell from where I was sitting. A couple of beers and some nachos later, the game had ended and we headed across the street to my favorite place Halftime Pizza. YUM. Pitchers. I think you can fill in the blank from there..

Then we got back to the apartment. Things got a little hazy, and I vaguely remember being like ten feet tall, as I got a friends shoulders (who is already 6 feet). Some DMB cover music, a brief history in country music, and splatter painting later the clock struck 4.

I woke up this morning to see the host on the floor wrapped up in his guitar case — see quote above, while I slept like a queen. Hospitality is very much alive ladies.

Eventually I will post about the game, but in the meantime I have to roam the city to find my phone..

Go Celts!


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