Moonlight, Clouds & Stars

This post is inspired by:

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Greetings everyone! Today is a new week, well the new week has already began since it’s Tuesday — but that is neither here nor there. Lately, I’ve been interested in dreams, goals, and reevaluation, not necessarily of my own life, just in general.

Last week, I started re-reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story written by Ned Vizzini. If you don’t know the novel, here is a basic plot: it tells the story of a teenage boy suffering from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. After months of erratic behavior, and an overdose on his medication, he checks into a psychiatric hospital where along the way, he meets friends, and begins to finds his passion in life.

Vizzini does a fantastic job of outlining the isolation one feels, the shame, disappointment, and the general struggle of how real depressive episodes can be. It’s an important book, addresses many themes that people forget, and most importantly, makes the reader laugh a little on the outside, no matter how raw the emotion is on in the inside.

There are thousands of quotes from this book that really speak to me, especially now. When I first read this book I was 15 (about a year after it came out) and it spoke to me then, just as much as it does now. Words are powerful — I believe this is something I have touched upon before, but one’s words and ideas have the power to change and influence the world. I believe that, and so did Ned Vizzini. He simply (and tragically) put pen to paper, expressed his thoughts and made sense of his world. That is powerful.

But, the reason I bring up writing, Ned Vizzini, and dreams is to express a dream of mine. Dreams are a funny thing, for me at least. I’ve always thought I had a dream, then it slowly disappeared, and next thing you know, I was (and still am) dreamless. I’ve always wanted to sit down, and write a memoir, like an actual one. What makes this idea comical (at least to me) is the idea that I’ve had this dream, but have never actually said it aloud.

Just a thought..


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