This post is inspired by:

“The hardest habits to break is the most difficult to satisfy”.

Have you had a habit that you cannot break? For the life of you; you’ve tried everything from slowing waning off it, distracting yourself, and even trying to find a new habit but you can’t stop. Breaking a habit is hard, harder than it looks. Take ice cream for example. You’ve been eating ice cream forever then one day you change your mind, no more ice cream. So that’s it? Wrong. That’s never it. 

The cleanse your body takes is a rough one. Getting rid of all the ice cream, physically throwing it out is tough. But you do that, check.

Now it’s whenever you think about eating ice cream, think of the bad qualities of it. Not how delicious it is. This to me is the toughest.


I always cave right about here. I can never get past how delicious the ice cream is no matter how bad it is, or how expensive it is. 

So the question is: why is a habit or routine so hard to break? For that exact reason. It’s something you enjoy. While it’s true that most things you enjoy have bad qualities, it’s important to determine the good vs the bad. A pros and cons list of the habit. 


While it may seem like this post is unfinished, I’m busy breaking my own habits.. therefore I will go eat ice cream now. 


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