Cutting the Cord

This post is inspired by:

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.” 

Last night around 11:00, my world got flipped upside down: the Celtics fell apart, and therefore ruined my night. Not only did Doc Rivers leave earlier this week, but Paul Pierce, KG, and Jason Terry are no longer Celtics, simply leaving Rondo all alone. 

While this is a common business tactic for the NBA and it’s players, for the majority of fans will never understand why this happened. Therefore today’s topic is letting go and starting over. 

If you are a frequent TD Garden visitor like I am, this is a huge deal. I still remember the first game I went to verse the 76ers when Allen Iverson played for them, and I saw Paul Pierce for the first time. It was truly something special. For me, this trade isn’t about the actual trade. Yes, losing these valuable players and coach is tough, but it’s more about what the trade means. 

When you let something or someone go, it’s always tough. Memories come back, as well as the feelings when the memories occurred. If your a die-heart fan of anything this is relatable. So what do you do? For me, it’s going to be tough sticking by the Celtics during a critical time for the team, where everything will be up the air, players probably won’t have the chemistry and it’ll show, and the fans will never be the same. 

Once I had a couple of hours to really let this sink in for me, I realized that the trade makes sense. Isn’t that the hardest part of letting something go? Knowing that you should be happy for that person because it was the right decision for them overall. 

So, with all of this being said, today we remember the good times we’ve had at the Garden with our favorite players, and hope that there’ll be many more with new faces leading the way. 


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