Pizza or Chicken Fingers?

This post is inspired by:

“When you know, you know”.

Greetings, and happy Monday! I hope that everyone enjoyed the summer weather, it was finally gorgeous this weekend — the whole weekend, and we needed it. 

Today’s post is about indecisiveness. Simply making a decision, deciding what you want, and sticking with it. Trusting yourself and your natural instinct. I’m probably the worst person you’ll ever meet when it comes to making a decision. Of any kind, big or small.

Similar to a child, I want every decision to be made for me, simply because I don’t think I’ll make the right one. As if I make the wrong decision, the whole world will stop, and it will ruin the rest of my life. I’ve talked about this exact thing in an earlier post I believe, and I believe I said: “it won’t your ruin life, but you have to stick with a decision…” To show you how indecisive I am, I can’t even decide what to tell my readers about making a decision, because now I’m switching sides. 

The same aspect can be related to making a huge decision, and what a huge decision is to you varies on the person who is making the decision because to me, every decision is a huge decision. Not a good way to live. 

I ask myself constantly: 

How does one become this way? And more importantly, how do they change?

How do people go from not being able to make any decisions, to clearly stating what they want all time because they know exactly what they want? Clearly, I have no answer for you because I am struggling with this as well. 

The problem is with big and small decisions, at least for me, is I never know what I want. Ever. I never know if I want pizza, or chicken fingers. So, while I type this and think, I guess the best place to start is figuring out what you want. 

Once again, I am no help in this department. Therefore, I am now asking for your help. The quote that I chose to go along with this quote will not do for a suggestion, but any advice will do. How do you know what you want? 

Yes, I understand that the mind, heart, soul changes throughout life and all that stuff.. but with that being said, how can you make a decision and stick with it for the rest of your life? How do you know?

Food for thought. 


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