When Its Not One, It’s the Other

This post is inspired by:

“Because life is complicated and all too often it throws you off balance.” 

Time is a funny thing when you really think about it. It either goes by too fast and we’re wishing for the past, or it goes by too slow and we’re anticipating the future. Hardly ever is the timing perfect.

This week in particular had a lot to do with timing, and it was something I noticed a lot. The timing of everything from waking up, when I say something, to when someone unexpectedly does something, and everything in between. I found myself quietly saying to myself, “why didn’t this happen earlier?”.

As stated in the quote above, life is strictly complicated, and now that I’m a little older, and a lot smarter, I’m beginning to notice it more. The complications will just get more complicated, and the timing will be off now and then.

If for some reason, the complications stop, and the timing is true perfection, you’ve hit the ultimate jackpot.

The best advice at that point: hang on, and don’t let go.


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