Social Blindness

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The most influential people in my life are probably not even

aware of the things they’ve taught me.

Every once and a while I like to catch up on the national news of the country, reading articles online to simply be aware of what’s going on in good ol’ USofA. In case you missed out, not a lot of good things are happening. I also get CNN breaking news updates to my phone, just for the really important stuff and one thing really caught my eye the other day (St. Patrick’s Day), and now I’m finally talking about it. 

As a future phycologist, working with who knows, children, teens, whoever,  I love knowing what’s going in the world of teens.. which if it becomes national, the chances of it being good are slim to none. 

I got the update Sunday about the teens that were finally convicted in Stebuenville Ohio for a rape case that happened in August against a 16 year-old. If you haven’t heard about, I’ll share the CNN and Huffington Post links at the end of the post. 

While this is a serious subject, and sadly happens all the time, the nation has simply turned for the worse. Ever since social media has become part of everyday life for a teenager or college student, and most isn’t bad, occasionally social media is to blame. For example, videos, and pictures of this rape were posted online, which is so messed up.. but that’s another thing in itself, and then texted around the school.

The reason why I bring this up is just for the awareness of how stupid people really are, and how you can never be too careful wherever you are. Yes, it’s important to have fun and all of that stuff, but you can’t walk around with your head in the sand not knowing what’s going on to others around you. This is attached to both this particular incident, as well as life in general. 

These stories always interested me the most because we are taught at such a young age to be aware of our surroundings, trust only certain people, not too over do it drinking (especially so young), use social media carefully, etc, yet it is so easily erased from our memory in certain situations, and then in an instant, you’re life can be changed forever much like these kids. 

This post isn’t meant to scare, or to get you do anything drastic by changing your lifestyle. Just to remind you to open your eyes more. 


*If you’re interested in reading here are the links:

Huffington Post



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