Yes, another teen movie

This post is inspired by:

“A film is more like music than fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings.

The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later”.

Yes. This is my third post for the day, and frankly I don’t care. If I want to write, I want to write and no one’s gonna stop me! Unlike my other posts I’ve written today, this one I believe will be my favorite when it’s finished. It’s a topic everyone enjoys, and if you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.

Movies. Not just any type of movies, but the classics. Earlier tonight, about an hour ago the Breakfast Club was on. One of my all time favorites. It got me thinking what makes a movie a classic, for generations to watch for years to come?

Teen movies specifically always catch my eye for this reason and this reason only: I refuse to grow up. I would love to be a teenager for the rest of my life if I could. Now that the moment has passed, and I am no longer a teenager, I miss it even more. This isn’t the first time I’ve said this either, when I mentioned it to my sister, she thought I was crazy, as do most people. There is something about being a teenager though that gets me hooked, dealing with friendships, dating, if you flunk a test the whole world ends crisis, but it isn’t until you get out high school that you realize that stuff doesn’t matter. It doesn’t effect the rest of your life. That’s one thing I would tell high school me if I could go back.

Like I said, this post is going to focus on the classics, or my classics. These are not in any particular order, and have a common theme of teen angst that will jet you back to walking the halls of a high school. Please note that I am not giving a synopsis of the movie.. that’s what IMBD is for. If you have never seen the movies I listed, please stop what you’re doing, and rent them.. actually buy them because they are that good*.

Breakfast Club: a group of strangers that get stuck in detention on a Saturday.

What attracted me: The identity crisis each character goes through, as well as the pressure from other students. If you did not experience this even at the slightest, there was something wrong with your high school experience.

Ferris Buller’s Day Off: Ferris Buller does everything he can to skip school with his friends by faking sick.

What attracted me: This movie is hilarious. One thing I loved his how characters are constantly addressing the audience. Pure genius! Friendship plays a role in this, as well as peer pressure for Cameron to skip with Ferris, knowing his parents will be very upset. Another theme I enjoyed is rebellious behavior. Once again, if you didn’t experience a little rebellious behavior in high school, you really missed out.

Can’t Hardly Wait: a group of high school seniors go wild and get together before leaving for college at a giant party.

What attracted me: This is the ultimate goodbye from high school. Where you finally confront your fears, tell someone how you really feel, and have good times with your friends, before heading off into the unknown future. This movie also has a really good soundtrack…

American Pie: a group of seniors try to create the best memories of their high school career, while also planning to have sex on prom night.

What attracted me: This is a coming of age movie. The jokes are good, characters are funny, and at some point, we’ve all been one of these characters because they are the typical high school seniors. Similar to Can’t Hardly Wait, American Pie has that nostalgic feature where you wish you were back in high school.

Although there are many more movies I would love to talk about, I have to end the post with my all time favorite:

Dazed & Confused: a group of high schoolers, everyone from freshmen to seniors come together for an end of the school year party set in the 70s. This is a killer cast and soundtrack.

What attracted me: If this movie doesn’t get you excited for the end of school, I don’t know what will. Everything from the cast to the soundtrack attracted me. People of all ages can appreciate this movie, as you recall wandering through the halls as a freshman terrified of the seniors, or if you are busy skipping class and tormenting freshmen as a senior, you have to be crazy not to appreciate this. This movie really teaches how to not two f*cks about anyone thinks, that you can live your life the way you want, and not to worry because you’ll figure it out along the way.

I encourage all of you.. how many actually read this.. to pick out your favorite teen movies, ask yourself what you like about them, and what attracted you. Soundtrack? Cast? Plot? Then re-watch them, does the movie bring up the same feelings?

Happy Watching!

*Click the link to listen to the best song of the soundtrack!


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