Sunday to Monday Blues

This post is inspired by:

“If each day is a gift I’d like to know where I can return Mondays”.

Greetings, and happy Monday!

For those back at work, or school today, sadly I today I don’t feel your pain, but I’ve been there before. We all have. That moment when your alarm clock goes off, and you are forced to leave a warm, cozy bed, only to head to work or school for a godly amount of hours. Everything that you forgot about over the weekend creeps up on you, and another week begins. 

If you are on spring break like me, this Monday is just another day. For example, today I had zero goals, and I only did two things: went to the dentist (gross) and took my two labs to a trail and we ran since it was so beautiful outside. That’s it. 

Whose to say what is better for a Monday: having a full plate, or relaxing?

This answer obviously varies from person to person, depending on how much you like to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting by a fire and relaxing as much as the next person, but to only do two things for the whole day is a little bit too relaxed. A simply Monday blues. 

Take a second to think of your worst possible Monday. A paper that’s due that you forgot about, missing a deadline, etc.. well there goes your whole week. Personally, I think it’s best to make Monday the best day possible because there’s so much to do heading into the week. 

People often complain too much about Mondays, how it’s the worst day of the week, the weekend went by too fast, etc, etc. Here is a piece of advice: instead of wasting all of this time complaining about Mondays, and how awful they are, use that time to make it the best day ever. It’s possible. After a long day of school, work, studying, whatever, take the time to reward yourself, it will make the Monday go by way faster if you wake up, and know that you have something fun waiting for you. 

Kick Monday’s butt. 


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