Back 2 Back: Memory

This post is inspired by:

“Every man’s memory is his private literature”.

So I literally just posted something, but while I was writing I thought of something else, so here I am still at my computer typing away. I was deciding between this quote and another one based on “The Wonder Years”, and chose this one, simply because I love the meaning behind it. 

If you read my other post, you already know that today I went to the dentist. For those of who don’t know me, I have a fear of going to the dentist, and here’s why:

When I was 9, I needed braces, who doesn’t. My teeth were really bad, and I needed to get some pulled before they go send me to the orthodontist. One day, my Dad told me that I had a checkup at the dentist. When I walked in and sat down, they didn’t even tell me what was going on, because they thought that my Dad already told me. By the time I found out I was getting 4 teeth pulled (that’s right, at once..) it was already too late. Therefore I never forgave my Dad, and hate going to the dentist. Of course, to show my hatred towards them, I tell them every visit.. 

The reason why I brought this random story up, is to talk about memory. Memory is one of those things that people don’t cherish enough until it’s too late, and it starts to slip away from you. Whether it be good, or bad, memory is a part of who you are, it’s what you share with others so they get to know you, and vise versa. Memories are the things that make you smile when you are down and you are forced to think of something good. What you are thinking of is a memory. 

Think about when you are meeting someone for the first time, for example. Once you get past the basics: name, age, profession, where your from, favorite color, etc, you don’t really have anything to work off of, because you don’t know if you have anything in common. I promise I will come back to this some other day, as this is important as well. But, if you were to ever see this person again, you always have that first encounter to work off of, that memory of how you were feeling when you first met, and the events of the time that you had together: good, bad, ugly. 

Your memory is how you recall things if you were to tell someone a story. I have a feeling if I were to tell someone my life story, of course there would be ups & downs, but also a lot of laughs, because I remember all the funny things. For example: getting hit in the mouth with a shovel, falling off a bunk bed, getting stuck in a snowbank just to name a few. (To find out more, comment and ask, I’m not that scary!) 

Challenge: if you were to tell someone your story,

what would you choose to tell them?


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