Double the Trouble

This post is inspired by:

“Life is what happens while you are busy planning things.”

Okay, so to start things off, I never post two posts in one day, this is a rare occurrence for me, and therefore I feel like I am cheating myself. With that being said, I find myself writing.  What caught my eye tonight was one of two things: the fact that I got five likes on my last post, a real confidence boost, and making plans for the future. What is more important out of those two isn’t really what’s important here. 

The former: It’s always nice when I get an email saying that someone read, and then liked my post, or I get a new follower. It’s always tough writing about a certain topic and then subconsciously knowing that others are judging what you wrote, whether they like it or not is a different story. It’s a nice little personal confidence boost since I praise myself every time I post, because let’s face it: if I don’t think my writing is the best, who else will? That’s one reason I find myself double posting.

The latter: I had an awful dinner tonight (equally important, but for another post) with family, and it got me thinking about plans for the future. If you read my previous post that was posted earlier today, you might have learned about my plans for this break, which are practically nothing. But while I was dinner and not listening to the conversation in front of me, I was thinking about my own plans.  

I will try to be as modest as possible with my wording of what I’m about to type, growing up I found myself to extremely privileged, good neighborhood, excellent school system, vacations, vacation homes, nice cars, etc. If that doesn’t describe preppy, I don’t know what does. I however, decided that I want to choose my life extremely differently than the way that my parents grew up, and raised me and my sisters. More time traveling, actually doing something that I love for the rest of my life, living life more simply, keeping in touch with those who care. 

While making my plans to change my major for example, it came to my attention that not everyone see things that way, especially my dad and his girlfriend, who are both very hard and successful professionals. When I made the switch, money was the topic of discussion,  how much money will I actually make? While that is a good point, and yes money is crucial for survival, money brings greed and stress. I have learned from my own experiences that when you are working with parents who are different than you, go against the status quo, and don’t ask for permission. You’ll never get what you want. This might be surprising to hear, but when you’re working with people who are vastly different than you and trying to prove a point, you are always having to push back with ten times the amount of force to overcome them. 

Therefore when you are making plans, don’t talk and do. 



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