The title is ignorable, but the post is not

This post is inspired by: 

“Everybody’s human– everybody makes mistakes. If you laugh it off, keep going and try to give it your best the next time around, people respect that.”

So I wasn’t even going to post anything today, because I had a busy day.. but at (almost) the stroke of midnight I decided to change my mind. So here goes, it’s story time. 

So this past week, as posted before, is my midterm week and the last week before spring break, aka supah stressful. On top of this I nanny on the side, am getting sick, and have some other school related stuff going on, self-reflecting and all that boring, yet stressful stuff. So, when I get really stressed out, I simply ignore my own advice given previously, and ignore my problems, trying to help everyone else, which only make my problems worse for later. That’s enough of the sob story. 

Anyway, so I like to help other people, friends, family, analyze them and all that good stuff, instead of doing the same for myself. I was talking to a friend today, who has in nice terms, has had some better days. While we were talking, I realized that I was the one that kept saying, “that really sucks” while they were just laughing casually. When I asked what was so funny, I got the reply of “you just have to laugh things off”.

I guess I didn’t realize it until now that this is completely true. Once something is finished, you can’t help but just wait, and find the humor in it, no matter how bad. Yes, people make mistakes, bad choices, say things they don’t mean, do something stupid, etc, but after what’s done is done, there is no point in sulking around and being a Debbie Downer and always finding the worst in a situation.  

Now, to end this on a positive note: I’m currently listening to Swedish House Mafia, and so should all of you. Until some other time that isn’t right now.. 


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