The Ultimate Masshole

This post is inspired by:

“Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that?

We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people, it’s a gift”.

That’s right! The capital. Okay so maybe not, but we definitely have the attitude to be. This post is dedicated to the city we all know and love: Beantown. 

People have their own stereotypes about Massachusetts’ citizens, how they are rude, un-friendly, annoying, arrogant, whatever, and I’d say, most of them are true. And rightly so. Massholes carry a certain type of confidence, patriotism, that is known all over the United States, and every other city is simply jealous. Yes, I may be bias, but what can ya do?

After reading the Globe yesterday, I found an article online called the Best and Worst of Boston, and what they had to say was true, and funny. Because of our history of producing champion athletes, we were voted the number 2 city for sports crazed, as well as number 2 for sports bars: I mean have you walked by the garden after a Celtics, or Bruins game? We obviously know what’s up. 

Another stat that I thought was hilarious is our friendliness: we were voted number 25. This particular stat makes me think of when I was in Barcelona, and before I know everyone really well, this kid came up to meet after I said we were moving too slow, needed a plan, etc and said: you’re from the East-coast right? And, of course I said yes. He said, Boston? Obviously, I was shocked. 

As for my last stat from this article, we are the number fifth city for showing our pride, which I think is pure crap, as probably does every natural bread Masshole. Ahead of us were cities like New Orleans and other southern cities.. okay. But I wonder how many of those cities have a youtube show dedicated to the city they love and cherish? Boston does. 

It’s called Massholes on youtube, and it tells the story of a group friends who move from Boston to LA to make it Hollywood, live with the cultural differences, and hopefully become famous. It is fantastic. The accents, the jokes, and the actors (all Massholes themselves) pull out the big guns. There is also a special appearance by JoJo, like where has she been?

Here is a preview of what I hope you become a fan of, enjoy and then listen to the Dropkick Murphys like every other Bostonian. 



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