Massachusetts’ Great White North

This post is inspired by:

“The beautiful natural environment is part of why we all love and live in

New Hampshire”.

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Now I know what most of you are thinking, “great white north?” yes, even though I live in Massachusetts, and in fact have a house in New Hampshire doesn’t mean I can’t take the two seconds it took me to think of the title of this post to poke fun of the state.

In true Masshole fashion, I simply could not help myself.

But in all seriousness, I am heading up to the great white north of MA into the wilderness of  tax-free nation, and could not be more excited about it. Instead of wandering into Southie or the North End, this will be a much needed change of scenery. A few friends, who are also college students study up there, which who I am going to visit for a few days.

One thing that either you love or hate about New Hampshire is the woods, it’s kind of hard impossible to miss up there. I have a love for the woods, nature, animals and all that goes along with it, no matter what season.. minus winter, but that to me is not a season. It’s a hell hole.  As a true New Englander, fall is my favorite season, and New Hampshire just so happens to be my favorite place to see it, but because I was traveling last semester, February will have to do.

I pretend that I like the winter, snow but the truth is that I hate it. Everything about it. This then makes me ashamed to be a New Englander, which if you haven’t noticed already, is quite important to me. I bring this up for two reasons; 1. it’s February, so why not, and 2. it’s suppose to snow this weekend, and even though you can’t sense my tone, or see my face, you should all know that I’m crying on the inside.

Nevertheless, I am so excited to see my friends, probably get lost somehow (some way), freeze my butt off, make a fool out of myself and then peace back to Boston. Just kidding about that last one.

This is also a fair warning to  you that because I will be out of town I will be away from technology. After all it’s New Hampshire.

My auto-reply message: 

Thank you for contacting me. I am away from my computer from Friday, February 22nd, to Sunday, February 24th. If this is a dire emergency: you should have my number and not try to contact me over a blog..


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