Catfish and Social Media

This post is inspired by:

“People take things at face value on social media. Earnestness is the assumption”.

Warning: This is rant post. If you are not interested in reading my rant, please don’t read. You’ve been warned. 

I am probably the only young adult, college student who is tired of social media, and in all honesty, I do not know why. I am currently taking a Communications class that I love where we are constantly talking about the miscommunication that social media presents, and how the personal connection and interaction that we once all loved is gone. I could not agree with this more. 

Websites like Twitter and Facebook are both distractions and time wasters (and if you honestly do not believe that, you’re not in touch with reality), but have that something that keep people addicted and always wanting to know what everyone is doing all the time. If you simply want to know what someone is doing, ask them what they are doing. 

Facebook specifically is designed to stay in touch with people you don’t regularly see everyday, I understand the purpose of the site, however that is now being meshed with meeting people online and online dating.

Are you really who you are when you post things online, or are you just trying to make a good impression?

The amount of self-esteem factors that go into what someone post online is fascinating to me, and because I love learning theories and applying them to real life, when I sit at my computer and go on these sites, I can’t help but wonder, “why is __________” posting this? 

I, for one, will never understand the purpose of online dating, or more importantly why people are so surprised when they are all of the sudden “catfished”, what did they honestly expect? Without even knowing it, people have a tendency to change themselves from the real version to the online version as soon as they sit down at the computer. This got me thinking why people do that, including myself. Why would you post something on Twitter that wouldn’t say to someone’s face?

The previous question could also be asked when talking about bullying and social media plays a huge part into this epidemic. 

With this being said, my rant on social media, what is true and what isn’t, sadly enough I will say that I have Twitter pulled up as soon as I hit publish post. This is simply because as stated earlier, it’s addicting. As much I hate saying it social media has won for this generation.

But what is the price we pay as a society?


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