This particular post is inspired by this quote:

“Mass transportation is doomed for failure in North America because a person’s car is the only place where he can be alone and think”.

I think this quote is completely true. For example, today I had my own experience on the T, which is rare because I try to refrain from taking the T for these specific reasons.  I was sitting on the T today coming back from Brookline when I look over to the two girls staring across from me. Because I was listening to my music and was only two stops away, I figured the ride would be pretty quiet. However, that was not the case.

These two girls, probably in the late teens, maybe 17 or 18 were discussing about the ugliness of another girl, and yet how she still managed to sleep around and with whom. While on one hand everyone loves good gossip (if you actually know who someone is talking about), the hand states that this is clearly wrong. These two girls should have waited until they were walking, or in someone’s apartment to be shit-talking someone else, with no regard to who was around them.

Sadly you are probably thinking, “Well, this stuff happens everyday. Almost everyone is talked about in one way or another, whether they find out about it or not”. Just because people are talking about someone doesn’t mean that the whole world needs to know who you are talking about. How would they feel if it was the other way around?

Although this probably  definitely happened in Spain and all over Europe, it was easier to ignore because it was in a different language. Nevertheless does it make it right to do. The absolute saddest part of this is that people obviously know that this wrong, yet because it is gossip it has to be spread and talked about for the next two days.

Since it wasn’t my place and I was about to get off the T (which wasn’t too crowded for the time of day, around 4) I just turned up my Justin Beiber (yes, I said it) and stepped off the T. I didn’t even plan on writing about this tonight, I actually had something else in mind. It’s funny how things happen. Just because you have something to say, does it mean you say it right then and there like the two girls on the T?

Something to think about.


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